Crime Mapping Symbology (CMS)

Crime Mapping Symbology

The symbols are tailored to the requirements of police departments. The information infrastructure of police forces typically includes two core systems, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and a Records Management System (RMS). This symbol set was developed to work on both systems, while being compliant with the Uniform Crime Mapping structure that provides consistency to crime reporting statistics throughout various organizations.

Although the dataset is specifically designed to meet needs of a police department many of the symbols would be of use for any first reponder organization (police, ambulance or fire). The work has been heavily influenced by the Emergency Mapping Symbology - Canadian Standard (see above). The base design of the Crime Mapping Symbology (CMS) icons adhere to the design princiles that were used to create the Emergency Mapping Symbology (EMS), but with specific modifications designed to meet the operational needs of CAD and RMS. Like the EMS symbols this body, of work is easily understood by trained and untrained personal alike.

This work was funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance , a part of the US Department of Justice, under grant reference number BJA 2007-DD-BX-0603. The grant was applied for and granted to the Tacoma Police Department and Lakewood Police Department, and the custodian of the final product is the Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA) .

Please feel free to download the symbol set, modify it if desired, and use it in your applications. The no-cost, Creative Commons license is intended to encourage wide use of the symbology. The Crime Mapping Symbology Creative Commons License by the Law Enforcement Support Agency is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License . If you decide to make use of the symbology, we ask that you include in an about box or equivalent a reference to this license, the US Department of Justice and the Law Enforcement Support Agency.